Refuse Collection Vehicles Specifications

Here at Go Plant Fleet Services we have a comprehensive fleet of road sweepers and refuse collection vehicles available for hire throughout the country. Our refuse collection vehicles are some of our most popular vehicles for hire and we have options from 7.5t through to 26t split body. This page will take you through the specifications of our refuse collection vehicles to help you decide which is best for your requirements.

  • 7.5t refuse collection vehicles:

This vehicle sits on a standard chassis, but is small enough that it’s suited to areas where access is restricted. It comes with a split of trade bin lift to suit whether you’re collecting domestic or commercial waste and many safety features such as alarms and reverse cameras. It also eliminates the risk of overfilling as an on board weighing system is fitted on board.

  • 15t & 18t refuse collection vehicles:

These refuse collection vehicles are available in either standard or narrow specifications and so can be useful if they are required to service areas with restricted access. Like the 7.5t option it comes with split or trade bin lift, reverse alarms/cameras and an onboard weighing system.

  • 26t Refuse Collection Vehicles & Split Body

The 26t is our largest refuse collection vehicle and features a split body with 70/30 compartment, split lift and triple bin lifts. As well as the standard features of the rest of our fleet – on board weighing, reverse alarms/cameras and air conditioning.

  • 18t recycling kerbside

Our recycling kerbsiders are perfect for local authorities or businesses which require regular recycling. They come with an on board weighing system and five compartments to facilitate a range of different types of recycling.

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We pride ourselves on providing tailor made hire solutions for our customers so if you have any questions about the specifications of our refuse collection vehicles then please get in touch! All of our fleet are available for both short and long term hire.