Our Range of Pedestrian Sweepers:

Our selection of pedestrian sweepers at Go Plant Fleet Services are a more versatile alternative to our truck mounted models for hire. Pedestrian sweepers are much smaller and of a lower weight and so they offer superior manoeuvrability to allow these road sweepers to work in a range of confined areas and spaces. This has made pedestrian sweepers a handy alternative to the traditional, larger road sweeper. They also have low evenly spread weight which makes them able to be used directly on pavements and slabbed surfaces. Pedestrian Sweepers are popular for Municipal Vehicle Hire, as they are less imposing alternative for smaller spaces.

Pedestrian Sweepers You Can Trust:

All of our pedestrian sweepers are maintained to the highest standard to ensure that you receive a sweeper that functions perfectly. We also offer a 24/7 fleet support facility to ensure that if you have any issues we can resolve them quickly. Our pedestrian sweeper range is available in self drive or operated hire options, for long and short term hire so you’re sure to find a sweeper solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Features of Pedestrian Sweepers:

Our vehicles are of the highest specification to ensure that you get results you can be proud of. They come as standard, with dual sweep and reverse cameras and a high pressure spray/lance wash system. To ensure the safety of the both the operator and people in the vicinity of our pedestrian sweepers we also include a beacon and warning light system and reverse camera. In addition to this, they have air condition to make them as comfortable as possible to drive. We also have a range of precinct sweepers available, follow this link to find out more.

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Get in Touch for More Information about our Pedestrian Sweepers

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