Pedestrian Sweepers

Pedestrian sweepers are one of our most popular sweeper vehicles available. If you’re a local authority they can be an integral element of a larger sweeper fleet, or used as a standalone contract for the maintenance of pedestrian areas. Our pedestrian sweepers at Go Plant Fleet Services are perfect for areas where people may be present, for example in shopping malls or streets.

pedestrian sweepers

Advantages of Using Pedestrian Sweepers:

  1. They are designed to be small – much smaller than other vehicles in our fleet and this enables them to fit into smaller, trickier to reach spaces.
  2. With their smaller size, also comes higher manoeuvrability. Pedestrian sweepers are of a much lower weight and this gives the driver more control over the vehicle, and also making it possible to turn tighter corners, and manoeuvre in small spaces.
  3. The duel sweep facility and high pressure spray/lance system ensures that areas are cleaned thoroughly – perfect for paths or small roads.
  4. The nature of pedestrian sweepers means they’re often around pedestrians and so our fleet it fitted with safety features such a reverse camera and beacon/warning light system.
  5. Fitted with air conditioning to keep your drivers (if you choose the self drive option) cool and comfortable throughout their shift.

We’ve been in the road sweeper hire business for many years and have become experts at creating sweeper solutions which meet the exact needs of our customers. We offer both short term and long term hire options and can our vehicles can be specified and costed to your requirements – tailoring your pedestrian sweepers to the needs of your business or local authority.

Find out more about pedestrian sweepers:

If you would like to find out more about our pedestrian sweepers then please get in touch with a member of our team. We can advise you on the best contract type for your requirements and provide you with a quote on our pedestrian sweeper hire.