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Oil spill clean up is essential. If not, oil spillages on roads are extremely dangerous for road users and can shut roads and motorways.

Oil spills can be detrimental in causing a threat to safety and severe road traffic incidents if not cleaned up properly. Oil creates a slippery surface on any road if spilled after an oil leak in a road traffic accident or if a vehicle has a leak that isn’t repaired but left to spill over the road during travel.

Oil spillages on public roads can cause closures and effect traffic flow especially on motorways. Make sure to clean any oil spillages up as soon as they’re spotted so the road condition can be restored.

Go Plant’s Oil Spill Clean Up Services

Go Plant’s UK oil spillage clean up services can ensure that road surface can be recovered to it’s original condition with no traces of oil left. Oil spills can also be hazardous to the environment so we ensure that our fast action road oil spill response is carried out in order for the spillage to have least effect possible to the surrounding environment.

Once alerted of the issue, we will assess the situation and the source of the spill. We will then after assessed, send one of our Beam Sweepers and operators to you, bringing the road surface Back to Black and removing all oil spillages on the road.

Go Plant Fleet Services can combine this oil spill on road clean up process with your emergency plan, meaning your oil spill situation will be responded to as soon as possible. Any sized oil spillage on a road can be resolved with our standard and specialist Back to Black Beam Sweepers enabling for motorways, roads and carriageways to be opened faster, reducing traffic waiting times.